New YC Onion Pineta Tripod – Hands-on Interview

During IBC 2022, YC Onion showcased an upcoming camera support accessory, the Pineta tripod. It comes in both aluminum and carbon fiber options, features a proprietary bowl head design, offers 1/4”-20 threaded mounts, and its height varies between 75cm/29.5” and 145cm/57”. Pricing starts at €299.

YC Onion is a Chinese manufacturer of camera accessories, particularly sliders and lighting equipment. Traditionally, all of their products are named after food. So we have the CHIPS 3.0, CHOCOLATE SE, and BURGER SE sliders and motorized heads, as well as the WAFFLE RGB light.

During IBC Show, we stopped by the company’s booth where Sales and Marketing Specialist Alice Chen took some time to introduce us to their latest sweet treat, the Pineta tripod, which has a couple of interesting design features. Let’s take a closer look at it!

Image credit: CineD

YC Onion Pineta Tripod: overview

At first glance, the YC Onion Pineta tripod looks robust and well-built. On the show floor, we only managed to put our hands on the aluminum alloy model. However, the accessory will also be released in a lighter carbon fiber variant. According to Alice, this new accessory features an unconventional design, starting from the head.

Image credit: CineD

Indeed, the tripod sports a proprietary head design that goes by the funny name of “Coconut Bowl”. Unlike traditional 75 or 100mm tripod head bowls that come with a bottom screw, users can conveniently adjust the camera’s horizon by simply opening or tightening a top lever mechanism. The head comes with a built-in reference bubble level.

Image credit: YC Onion

This peculiar design results in a huge advantage when using the camera support in low-mode, as its height is not limited by the central column that many tripods have. The legs have a 3-stage structure with a fast locking mechanism, and the height of the tripod is adjustable between 75cm/29.5” and 145cm/57”.

Image credit: CineD

Finally, the top part of the accessory offers multiple 1/4”-20 threaded interfaces. These can come in handy to rig additional accessories, such as monitors, microphones, or wireless video systems.

YC Onion Pineta Tripod. Credit: YC Onion

Price and availability

The official price of the aluminum version of the YC Onion Pineta tripod will be €299, while the carbon fiber model will retail for €399. The one shown at IBC 2022 was a pre-production model. At the moment of writing, there’s no official information regarding the availability of this accessory. We will update the article as soon as we find out.

For more information, please visit YC Onion’s website.

Do you often carry a tripod in your tool kit? What do you think of the new YC Onion Pineta tripod? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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