New Ulanzi & COMAN Zero Y Lightweight Travel Tripod Released

During IBC 2022, we had a chat with professional landscape photographer Pedro Kin about the new Ulanzi & COMAN Zero Y Lightweight Travel Tripod. This compact accessory only weighs 1.1kg/2.2lbs, takes up 42.3cm/15.74” in length, and comes with an integrated ball head.

A tripod is an essential piece of gear for every documentary or traveling filmmaker. However, when packing for a new adventure, this accessory often gets neglected due to its cumbersome nature.

However, at IBC 2022, the small footprint of the new Zero Y Lightweight Travel Tripod, designed jointly by Ulanzi and COMAN, caught our eye. At first glance, it seems to have all it takes to become a friendly travel companion. So let’s take a closer look at it.

Image credit: CineD

Ulanzi & COMAN Zero Y: features

The Ulanzi & COMAN Zero Y Lightweight Travel Tripod is a compact camera support aimed at traveling photographers and filmmakers. The accessory is mainly made of carbon fiber with the addition of aluminum parts, for a total weight of 1.1kg/2.2lbs.

Image credit: CineD

The tripod legs can spread out at 20, 55, and 75° angles, and feature a 4-section design. The height of the tripod is adjustable between 15.3cm in low-mode up to 156cm when the central column is fully lifted. If collapsed, the tripod is only 42.3cm/15.74” long.

Image credit: CineD

The tripod comes with a CNC-machined ball head, which can withstand a maximum payload of 5kg, while the central column can bear a load of 18kg. The camera attaches to the head via an Arca-Swiss style quick release plate and the horizon can be judged by looking at the built-in reference bubble level.

Image credit: CineD

The tripod also has some hidden gems that can sometimes turn into little life-savers when shooting outdoors. For example, the bottom section of the central column acts a storage space for a small screwdriver.

Price and availability

The Ulanzi & COMAN Zero Y Lightweight Travel Tripod is now available to purchase from the company’s website and authorized dealers worldwide. Its retail price is about $369.95.

For more information, please visit Ulanzi’s website here.

Do you often carry a tripod with you when traveling? What do you think of the new Ulanzi & COMAN Zero Y Lightweight Travel Tripod? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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