TTArtisan 50mm f/2 Manual Prime Lens for Full-Frame Released

Another nifty-fifty? Well, yes, and this time the lens manufacturer TTArtisan has signed off on it. The new TTArtisan 50mm f/2 is a pancake-style manual lens for full-frame sensors. It’s pretty small and lightweight, and since it’s also very affordable, it could just become your next everyday lens.

The new TTArtisan 50mm f/2 is only 3,5cm (1.38″) in length, and it weighs about 200g (7.05 ounces). This lens is clearly aimed more at photographers rather than filmmakers, as it comes with a clicked iris. Still, it might be worth a look if you’re in search of a really affordable yet capable 50mm lens.

TTArtisan 50mm
On a Sony A7R. Image credit: TTArtisan

If you need more than an f/2 aperture, maybe the f/1.4 variant is something worth considering. Of course, this is quite a bit heavier and more expensive.

TTArtisan 50mm f/2 lens

The new TTArtisan 50mm f/2 may not be the most exciting lens ever made, but still, a decent 50mm lens in your bag is a must if you take photography seriously. A focal length of 50mm more or less matches the vision of the human eye, which makes a nifty-fifty lens image so natural.

image credit: TTArtisan

This new lens offers a 45° angle of view (on full frame cameras – 32° on APS-C ones). It features a 43mm filter thread on the front and the aperture consists of 10 diaphragm blades.

TTArtisan 50mm
image credit: TTArtisan

The lens design sports 6 elements in 5 groups, which results in a minimum focussing distance of 50cm (19.69″). The whole lens body is made out of metal, no plastic around here.


The TTArtisan 50mm f/2 prime lens sells for just $69, and it is available in quite a variety of mounts, including Sony E, Nikon Z, FUJIFILM X, Canon M and M43 (in stock) plus Canon R and L-Mount coming a bit later (late July). An optional bundle with a 43mm lens hood can be purchased for $75.

TTArtisan 50mm
List of compatible mirrorless cameras. Image credit: TTArtisan

Link: website

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