New Tilta Lightweight Dual Handle Gimbal Support System

Tilta has recently released the Lightweight Dual Handle Gimbal Support System, which is specifically designed to allow longer operating times when using the DJI RS Series camera stabilizers. It consists of a dual handle grip and a support vest and retails for $209.

The newly-released DJI RS 3 and RS 3 Pro bring on the legacy of the popular RSC 2 and RS 2 models while allowing support for larger camera setups. I personally decided to pick up the RS 3 Pro and never had any issue balancing a RED Komodo with an 18-35mm lens so far.

Although these handheld stabilizers are pretty lightweight (1.5kg for the RS 3 Pro, which supports a maximum payload of 4.5kg), camera operators might benefit from a little help, especially when shooting long takes or working for extended periods of time. Tilta already offers an advanced support rig for these systems – the Tilta Float – and is now introducing a more affordable, compact option. So let’s take a look at the new Tilta Lightweight Dual Handle Gimbal Support System.

Tilta Lightweight Dual Handle Gimbal Support System: overview

This new wearable support system from Tilta is compatible with the DJI RS 3 Pro, RS 3, RS 2, and RSC 2 gimbals. It consists of a vest and a dual handle bracket – that attaches directly to the gimbal’s side NATO rails – weighing a total of 358g.

Image credit: Tilta

The vest is built using wear-proof and breathable fabrics, thus it should be pretty comfortable to wear. The gimbal attaches to a dedicated 1/4”-20 mounting point on the adjustable waist belt (85-130cm), via dedicated adapters for either the gimbal’s extended grip tripod or battery handle.

Image credit: Tilta

Interestingly, mounting the gimbal using the Battery Handle Adapter still grants access to the USB-C charging port on the stabilizer. Also, since the 1/4”-20 interface of the waist belt is mounted onto a NATO rail, the vertical position of the gimbal is slightly adjustable.

Image credit: Tilta

On the other hand, the Dual Handle Bracket offers several 1/4”-20 and cold shoe mounting points for attaching additional accessories, such as a monitor or wireless video transmitters. Moreover, unlike the existing SmallRig Dual Handgrip, its handles can be rotated to easily adapt to different shooting styles.

Image credit: Tilta

Finally, the vest can be connected to the handles of the Dual Hand Bracket via the dedicated shoulder and support straps, that feature a quick-release design. This setup also allows you to go hands-free for a second, although the manufacturer warns you about the possible risks.

Image credit: Tilta

What’s in the box

  • Left and right Dual Handle Brackets for DJI Ronin (with travel bags)
  • Shoulder Support
  • Waist Vest
  • NATO to 1/4”-20 Mounting Bracket
  • Battery Handle Adapter
  • Extended Grip Tripod Adapter
  • 2x 1/4”-20 Strap Rings
Image credit: Tilta

Price and availability

The new Tilta Lightweight Dual Handle Gimbal Support System is now available for pre-order from the manufacturer’s website. Its official retail price is $209, but the company is currently offering a 10% discount until August 26th. The item should start shipping in 2/3 weeks.

For more information, please visit Tilta’s website here.

Do you own a DJI RSC 2, RS 2, RS 3, or RS 3 Pro gimbal? What do you think about the new Tilta Lightweight Dual Handle Gimbal Support System? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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