New Tilta Advanced Rear Operating Control Handle Released

Tilta has released an updated version of its Rear Operating Control Handle. The well-received handle is part of the ever-growing Ecosystem for the DJI Ronin. This revised version contains some key enhancements over its predecessor. Let’s dive in!

Since the DJI Ronin S was released, it was appreciated for the qualities that make up DJI’s central promise to its customers: well-made product design, advanced functionality and interoperability with the rest of DJI’s ecosystem – all that at an affordable price.

There was however a central downside to the Ronin S: for a one-handed gimbal it was always quite heavy. The fact that it had a pretty high load capacity, of course, didn’t help the matter, on the contrary. Just like the fact that you could mount loads of accessories on it.

Tilta Advanced Rear Control Handle attachment scheme
Tilta Advanced Rear Control Handle attached to Ronin. Source: Tilta

Moving on to the Ronin RS2 and even the Ronin RS3 Pro, the latter could weigh up to 1.73kg (3.8lbs) without a camera and up to 6.23kg (13.73lbs) utilizing the maximum load capacity. Try operating that for a day. Now Tilta had already released a previous version of the handle, the TGA-ARH, that allowed using both hands, one on the Ronin’s handle and one on the Rear Operating Control Handle. Now, the second version brings some improvements over the first in some key areas.

Tilta Advanced Rear Operating Control Handle

First, there is compatibility. The new handle works with both the Ronin RS2 and the Ronin RS3 Pro. Without compromise and plug and play, no pairing required.

Tilta Advanced Rear Control Handle parts
Advanced Rear Control Handle disassembled. Source: Tilta

Where the former Rear Operating Control Handle needed a dedicated accessory to allow for greater clearance and thus space for full rotation and increased operating space, the Advanced version comes with that extra space out of the box. It also offers high and low angle switching.

Additionally, the newer version of the handle now also supports DJI’s follow focus motors, as well as Tilta’s own. You just need to flip a switch on the handle.

Tilta Advanced Rear Control Handle functions
Tilta Advanced Rear Control Handle functionality. Source: Tilta

Apart from that, the handle offers all the bells and whistles, the previous version already included:

  • Left and right NATO rail
  • Cold shoe mount
  • 5V USB-C output
  • Camera control button (autofocus, shutter)
  • Menu button
  • Focus wheel
  • Gimbal trigger


The Advanced Rear Operating Control Handle comes in at 0.68kg (1.5lbs) and is now available for $159.00 on Tilta’s website, as well as our European partner website CVP. For more information, you can always have a look at Tilta’s website.

What do you think, are you an active Ronin user? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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