New Sony FX9 Firmware Version 4.0 Announced – Improved Cloud Workflows

Sony has released information about the upcoming firmware for its FX9 cine camera. The FX9 firmware version 4.0 will be available for download in October 2022. It offers several new features for the C3 (Camera Connect Cloud) workflow, as well as other features and of course bug fixes.

Sony really listens to its customers when it comes to feature roadmaps for the higher end mirrorless and cine segments. And even though we’re talking about a huge company here, it’s really nice to see that even years after the release of a certain camera, we’re still getting updates, not only to iron out bugs, but also to add features that didn’t exist on these cameras before.

This time, Sony releases information about the upcoming FX9 firmware version 4.0, which offers some camera-to-cloud features as well as other improvements. The current version 3 was released in November 2021.

Sony FX9 firmware version 4.0

Just like the Sony FX6, this FX9 firmware version 4.0 adds enhanced Sony C3 functionality to the FX9. Although the FX9 was already capable of leveraging that C3 workflow, version 4.0 adds some features to the C3 Portal cloud service interface:

  • LUT File Import to Camera from Cloud
  • ALL File Import to Camera / Export to Cloud
  • High-res Files Automatic Upload
The Sony FX9. Image credit: Sony

Furthermore, the Sony FX9 firmware version 4.0 updates adds the following features to the already pretty capable camera:

  • Workflow Improvement
    – LUT Data Saving to Memory Card
  • VOC
    – Audio Level Meter Indicator Switching (Ch1.2 <-> Ch3.4)
    – Assign Audio Monitor Selection to Assignable buttons
    – Slow & Quick Motion and Proxy Recording (Proxy Recording mode not forcibly set to Off)
    – Assignable Buttons LED lamp On / Off mode
image credit: Sony

All in all, this might not be the most exciting update for all users, but it shows that Sony listens and constantly improves its product range. The question is: What will we see first, a brand-new camera or version 5.0 with massively improved features?

Link: Sony website

What do you think of it? Does this upgrade cater to your needs in terms of C3 workflow? Share your experience in the comments below!

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