New SmallRig VT-09 Octopus  Released

SmallRig has released the VT-09 Octopus, a flexible tripod for vloggers.  Flexible tripods are nothing new, but this compact device might be something to consider for shooters on the move. Let’s have a look at what this versatile camera support can do.

Effective camera placement and shot rigging is a form of art. Over the last 134 years of filmmaking, countless products and DIY tricks have been invented to help get our cameras in the right spot.

It really doesn’t matter how you do it, but the experience is a lot more fun when it’s really easy.

That’s precisely what the SmallRig VT-09 flexible tripod is all about. It is intended to keep small, lightweight cameras and phones exactly where you want them, effortlessly.

Image credit: SmallRig

VT-09 Octopus

A multipurpose support like the SmallRig VT-09 is perfect for small mirrorless cameras, action cameras, and smartphones. It can function as a stand-alone tripod, wrap securely around a pole, or be used simply as a support handle.

VT-09 with phone holder / 12 wire core

The tripod consists of 3 high-elasticity TPE wrapped legs, a 360° ball head, and optional phone holder accessory. Each leg contains a core of 12 tightly twined flexible aluminum alloy wires. This makes them easy to position while being sturdy enough to maintain a double bending shape.

SmallRig’s nylon fiber wrapping is highly elastic, skid-resistant, and textured to make it comfortable to hold in the hand.

Image credit: SmallRig

The ball head offers a 360° angle of view for horizontal and vertical shooting, and includes a cold shoe mount accessories. While the phone holder can fit a mobile device from 53-93mm wide. It also features a cold shoe mount on the top, and a 1/4” 20 thread socket on the back.

Image credit: SmallRig

SmallRig also offers a wireless control module with a fixed cold shoe mount that can trigger your mobile device at a distance of up to 10 meters.

SmallRig VT-09 Octopus Tripod Specs

Tripod Size 270mm
Tripod Weight 226±1g
Load Capacity 2kg
Phone Holder Size 77mm
Materials Nylon (30% Glass Fiber), Aluminum Alloy, TPE
Ball Head Pitch 90°/+30°
Ball Head Tilt 30°/+30°
Available Colors Black, Green, Pink


SmallRig has entered a highly saturated market with the release of the VT-09 Octopus. There is a lot of competition from countless manufacturers.

Joby GorillaPod

Chief among SmallRig’s rivals is the Joby GorillaPod, which has been available for quite some time. Unlike the VT-09, the GorillaPod uses a series of plastic ball-socket joints for its flexible legs.

From my experience, the GorillaPod’s legs tend to be rather bulky and difficult to keep in position. Not to mention, bending them repeatedly in extreme poses can cause them to break.

The GorillaPod, however, does offer greater load capacities. With models ranging from 1-5kg, they can hold a Pro DSLR. They do get rather pricey, though. Depending on the model, the GorillaPod can cost over $100.

SmallRig VT-09 Octopus Price & Availability

Image credit: SmallRig

The SmallRig VT-09 Octopus is currently available to order from B&H Photo Video, or directly from SmallRig via their website. It is listed at $14.90 for the tripod only, $19.90 with the phone holder, and $27.90 for the phone holder and wireless controller. It is also available in either black, green, or pink.

All-in-all, the SmallRig VT-09 Octopus looks to be a great value for the money. Yet, I do take a slight issue with the name “Octopus”. Not to state the obvious, but an Octopus has 8 legs. Maybe they were trying to be funny?

Do you use flexible tripods on your shoots? What do you think about the SmallRig VT-09 Octopus? Let us know your experiences with SmallRig products in the comments below.

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