New Saramonic Vlink2 – Wireless Microphone System with Talk-back

The Saramonic Vlink2 wireless microphone system is not just another belt-pack plus receiver for wireless miking and recording a talent on camera. With this new arrival, you can also talk back to the talent in question, so the Saramonic Vlink2 system offers 2-way communication!

Sometimes you need to communicate with the talent in front of the camera while operating said camera.

In this scenario, shouting may not always be the best idea, so you need to a) set up a second wireless TX/RX combo for the talk-back channel or b) use a system like the new Saramonic Vlink2 to combine the primary channel (talent ➞ camera) and the secondary channel (operator ➞ talent) in just one TX/RX setup.

The Saramonic Vlink2 kit does just that. It provides an additional 3.5mm input on the TX unit and the RX unit, each for connecting a headset.

Saramonic Vlink2
image credit: Saramonic

Saramonic Vlink2

So how does it work? Well, the Saramonic Vlink2 operates like any other transmitter/receiver. It uses the 2.4 GHz band to send audio wirelessly to the receiver, but since each device has an additional 3.5mm TRS/TRRS input, an external headset can be connected.

The operator can now talk to the talent, while only the talent’s voice input is recorded (i.e. sent to the output of the receiving unit).

Saramonic Vlink2
How the Saramonic Vlink2 works. Image credit: Saramonic

Two kits are available, Kit 1 (one TX, one RX unit) and Kit 2 (two TX, one RX unit). The Receiver module is a two-channel unit, so you also can add a secondary TX unit later if needed. A lavalier mic is included but can be swapped for any other one using a 3.5mm connector of course.

Saramonic Vlink2
image credit: Saramonic

Headphones for the TX units are not included, so you need to bring your own for talk-back capabilities. However, a headset for the RX unit is included, which can be used for monitoring audio and/or sending audio over the air to the talent’s TX belt pack.

image credit: Saramonic

The TX’s battery life is claimed to be 19hrs, and you can (re-)charge it using the built-in USB-C plug on the transmitter. Both the TX and the RX sport OLED displays for basic information about the unit’s status. When working with the receiver, you can either use the 3.5mm headphone jack for simply monitoring the incoming audio or plug in a headset for leveraging the talk back functionality.

Pricing and availability

The Saramonic Vlink2 Kit 1 (one TX, one RX) sells for $349, while the Kit 2 (two TX, one RX) sells for $449. Both kits are available for preorder now.

Saramonic Vlink2
What’s in the box? Image credit: Saramonic

Each Transmitter includes a DK-3 Omnidirectional Lav Mic from Saramonic, so you’ll get two with the Kit 2.

Link: Saramonic website

What do you think? Would such functionality be useful for your projects? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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