New P+S Technik TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima Unveiled

P+S Technik has recently introduced a new line of close focus 1.5x anamorphic lenses, the TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima series. Their image circle covers large-format sensors and their lens mount is interchangeable between PL and LPL options.

P+S Technik – which is well-known for their periscope lens system – is a German lens manufacturer focusing on the production of high-end anamorphic glass. Their arsenal already includes the EVOLUTION 2X series, as well as the TECHNOVISION 1.5X prime and zoom lenses. Recently, the company has been showcasing a special edition of their TECHNOVISION 1.5X cinema primes, labeled as AproXima. Let’s take a closer look.

Image credit: P+S Technik

P+S Technik TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima: overview

The new TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima anamorphic series consists of four focal lengths: 40, 50, 75, and 100mm. They are designed to cover large-format sensors (image circle: 43,3 mm) and feature an interchangeable PL (included)/LPL (optional) lens mount system. According to the company, their squeeze factor of 1.5x is the sweet spot to make these lenses suitable for many S35 and full-format sensors.

Image credit: P+S Technik

The biggest selling point of the new AproXima series over the existing standard TECHNOVISION 1.5X lenses is that they have better close focus capabilities. Indeed, some of the new lenses can focus as close as 0.36m/1’2” (75 and 100mm).

Image credit: P+S Technik

Unfortunately, the maximum aperture is not consistent across the series. Indeed, the 40 and 50mm have a maximum light transmission of T2.2, while the longer lenses are limited to T2.5.

The TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima lenses have a front anamorphic element design, which is claimed to provide a nice balance between a modern and a vintage look. P+S Technik claims that the lenses come with a strong character, denoted by high contrast and intentional flares.

Image credit: P+S Technik

These high-end anamorphic lenses are pretty beefy. Indeed, their weight varies between 3kg/6.7lbs (40mm) and 4.8kg/10.5lbs (100mm)! Moreover, all lenses share a massive front diameter of 156mm, which can sometimes be an issue, especially if your camera lacks internal ND filters.

Price and availability

The new P+S Technik TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima anamorphic lenses seem to be available for purchase from the manufacturer’s website. However, the company only provides pricing and delivery info upon request.

Being high-end anamorphic lenses, I expect them to land in an exclusive price range. For reference, the equivalent focal lengths in the standard TECHNOVISION 1.5X lineup currently retail for $23,580 per piece.

For more information, please visit P+S Technik’s website here.

Have you ever shot on P+S Technik lenses? What do you think about their new TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima series? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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