New PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCXL Released

PROLIGHTS latest addition to their range of powerful LED light sources is the new EclPanel TWCXL. There is already an EclPanel TWC, but this new one truly deserves the XL addition to its name: it’s 163,8 × 86,2 × 14,4 cm / 64.49″ × 33.94″ × 5.67″ in size (W×H×D) and it weighs a whooping 48,7kg / 107.36lbs!

When working with a camera, large light sources are usually considered beautiful. The bigger and softer, the better. So it’s only logical that PROLIGHTS recently released a bigger brother to the EclPanel, the PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCXL (1,500W RGB + Warm White LED). This is a truly gigantic panel, and it certainly doesn’t come cheap.

It is a professional lighting tool with all the bells and whistles for use on professional film sets. I don’t think it’s a panel for owner-operators. Just like the larger ARRI SKYPANELs the PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCXL is intended to be maintained and operated by a specialized lighting crew.


The new TXCXL panel sports a full range of white tones, from daylight to tungsten (1.800K – 20.000K), +/- green correction and a dedicated tungsten emulation. In terms of color accuracy, PROLIGHTS doesn’t leave you in the dark but provide a whole set of measurements:

  • CRI: 93,4 @ 3.200 K / 95.4 @ 5.600 K
  • R9: 95.6 @ 3.200 K / 95,9 @ 5.600 K
  • TLCI: 93 @ 5.600 K
  • TM30 Rf: 91,9 @ 3.200 K / 90,3 @ 5.600 K TM30
  • Rg: 103,5 @ 3.200 K / 102,5 @ 5.600 K

The device also has 48 sections that can be controlled independently. With a little creativity you can achieve all kinds of effects with it, even pixel mapping from external controllers is possible.

Control panel of the EclPanel TWCXL. Image credit: PROLIGHTS

The unit has an onboard driver, a built-in power supply, a wireless transceiver for remote DMX and RDM control, and network connectivity (Art-Net, sACN).

Several modes are available to pick any desired color including XY, CCT, RGBW, Gel libraries, HSI, source emulation, color macros and CTO on colors. Any RGB output can be mixed with warm white to produce pastel colors.

Removable diffusion panel. Image credit: PROLIGHTS

As a special feature, a linear cross-fade channel can seamlessly transition from any white to any color. Other features include:

  • Protocols: DMX512, RDM, ArtNet, sACN, W-DMX + CRMX
  • Stand Alone: selectable mode through 4 RGB backlight push-encoders
  • Pixel control: 48 section control
  • Wireless Control: included, LumenRadio Timo Fx DMX/RDM compatible with both CRMX (Lumen Radio) and W-DMX (Wireless DMX)
  • RDM: RDM for remote monitoring and settings
  • Display: 3.5″ with new UI

When filming at high frame rates, a fast shutter speed is essential, and the new PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCXL has this covered: the “flicker-free frequency” can be fine-tuned via PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) from 600 ~ 40,000 Hz.

Back panel. Image credit: PROLIGHTS

As pointed out in the first paragraph of this news article, the new EclPanel TWCXL is both large and heavy. But since it is intended for use on larger film and TV sets, the tremendous output, the flexibility in terms of dialing in any color and shading thereof, plus the wide CCT range make this fixture quite unique and versatile for certain sets.

Pricing and availability

There are no price details for this unit, but since the smaller EclPanel TWC already costs $4,045, don’t expect its bigger brother to be cheap.

For comparison, here’s an introduction video for the smaller PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC (2×1) and TWCJR (1×1) panel:

For more information, including DMX charts, VectorWorks libraries and photometrics, head over to PROLIGHTS website.

What do you think? Do you encounter such large and heavy lights in your daily work? Share your experiences below in the comments!

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