NANLUX Evoke 1200B Released – High-Output Bi-Color LED Spotlight

At IBC 2022, NANLUX has just raised the curtains on their latest high-ouput bi-color LED spotlight, the Evoke 1200B. It offers an 2,700-6,500K CCT range, five dimming curves, up to 61,030 lux at 3 meters, IP54 rating, and multiple control methods. Pricing starts at $3,880.

Back in April 2021, NANLUX joined the high-output LED party with the release of the Evoke 1200. We put this powerful spotlight through its paces, so make sure to check out our review of it here. This daylight-balanced model is now getting a bi-color sibling, which is simply called Evoke 1200B.

According to the company, this new model has all the credentials to combine the high-output of 1.8kW PAR or 2.5kW HMI fixtures with the well-known benefits of a LED light source. So let’s take a closer look at it.

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NANLUX Evoke 1200B: overview

At the core of the new NANLUX Evoke 1200B are two 1200W bi-color LED chips that make for a powerful light source with a color temperature that is adjustable between 2,700-6,500K. This a is pretty standard CCT range for LED spotlights nowadays. The fixture is dimmable from 0 up to 100% of its intensity in precise 0.1% increments. Also, you can adapt the dimming curve to your preferences by choosing between Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic, S-Curve, and Gamma 2.2. However, this is only possible using DMX control.

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According to the company, when using the compatible 26° reflector and setting the light source to 5,600K, the fixture can reach a maximum output of 61,030 lux at a distance of 3 meters. That’s pretty remarkable and hopefully these figures will be confirmed by independent photometric measurements. The light should also provide accurate colors, scoring CRI 96, TLCI 97, TM-30 Rf 95, and TM-30 Rg 102 ratings.

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The achievement of such a high output was made possible by a new thermal-management system, whose fan supports four different operating modes: Smart, Full Speed, Low Speed, and Off. Also, the light source should be flicker-free and packs a set of 11 built-in lighting effects.

Power, control, and design

Just like the Evoke 1200, this bi-color version is paired with a power supply unit, which can be conveniently rigged to C-stands using a dedicated quick-release clamp. The light requires AC power to be fired up and comes with a 6m power cable as well as a 7.5m connection cable. However, if you need to rig the lamp head further away from its power source, optional 10 and 12-meter connection cables are also available to pick up separately.

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The Evoke 1200B offers several different controlling methods. These include professional tools such as wired/wireless DMX control and LumenRadio CRMX, but also more intuitive interfaces like the NANLINK smartphone app (iOS/Android) or on-board controls. Also, the rear side of the lamp head has a 2.8-inch screen to access menus and display settings.

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Both the lamp head and the power supply box feature an aluminum construction which is claimed to be weather sealed (IP54 rating). Therefore, this should offer extra peace of mind when shooting under inclement weather conditions, including heavy rain and snow.

Image credit: CineD

The lamp head measures 330x241x210mm/12.99×9.48×8.26” without yoke and weighs approximately 7.75kg/17.09lbs. The power supply box is even heavier (10.5kg/23.15lbs). Lastly, the lamp head features an offset yoke and a proprietary NL mount, which makes the light compatible with a wide range of light modifiers, including the existing NL-35 Fresnel lens.

Price and availability

The new NANLUX Evoke 1200B is now available for pre-order from B&H for $3,895. In the box, you will find the lamp head with yoke, 45° reflector, power supply box, 6-meter power cable, 7.5-meter connection cable, QR clamp, and 2.4G remote controller. Moreover, the company offers a Trolley Case kit, a Flight Case kit, and a Flight Case + Fresnel Lens kit that retail for $3,949, $4,610, and $5,805 respectively.

For more information and updates, please visit NANLUX’s website here.

Do you have any hands-on experience with the NANLUX Evoke 1200? What do you think of this new bi-color version? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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