LumaFusion 3.1 Released – With Enhanced Color Workflow

LumaTouch, the company behind the iOS multitrack editing app LumaFusion, has just unveiled the latest release of its popular app: LumaFusion 3.1 now features professional color tools such as scopes, histograms, waveforms and vectorscopes in real time. In addition, multiple LUTs and effects are now supported simultaneously.

The latest version 3.1 of LumaFusion adds quite a few new features to the already powerful app. Therefore, it is only natural that LumaTouch dubs this version as a major update, even though the version number 3.1 indicates a minor point-release. For more information, head over to our news article about the 3.0 release of LumaFusion here.

LumaFusion 3.1
image credit: LumaTouch

The company teased a version for Android (right now, LumaFusion is iOS only – and M1 Macs) so maybe v4 is reserved for the Android release later in 2022.

LumaFusion 3.1

The most notable new feature of this new version is clearly the addition of professional color tools, such as real-time scopes. These tools improve usability and make it easier to achieve pleasing results while checking color accuracy in real time. Let’s not forget that this is an iOS app. So the machine you are working on is not a maxed-out desktop workstation, but most likely an iPad (iPhone works, too, of course).

LumaFusion 3.1
image credit: LumaTouch

As the new scopes work in real time, editors can instantly see the results of any adjustments (and even animate them) to view the results during video playback. All scopes work for both High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) color spaces.

LumaFusion v3.1 also expands effects capabilities with the ability to add multiple LUTs and effects to any clip in the timeline simultaneously.

LumaFusion 3.1
image credit: LumaTouch

The new update also expands the already extensive effects workflow with the ability to add multiple LUTs and effects simultaneously to any clip. This new feature speeds up the workflow for editors while providing great creative freedom to quickly add a unique look. You can even combine in-camera LUTs and multiple instances of any effect.

Additional new features

According to LumaTouch, the developers have listened closely to customer feedback, so they’ve implemented a bunch of other useful features to LumaFusion 3.1:

  • The ability to reorder audio effects for complete control over audio adjustments
  • Automatic project backup management now stores current backups, plus one per day for the last 30 days, and one per month for prior months
  • A new import and restore feature in the project manager makes it easy to find and restore automatic project backups
  • leverages new categorized and searchable keyboard shortcuts available in iOS 15.
image credit: LumaTouch

LumaFusion 3.1 also introduces a number of improvements to the workflow, including:

  • Dropbox now shows both personal and team folders for accounts that have team spaces
  • Improved drag and drop and timeline lasso selection when using a trackpad or mouse
  • Improved clip representation in the timeline, with transitions clearly showing their connection to media clips
  • Improved UI styling throughout LumaFusion
  • Improved readable project archive format enables many future features
  • Dozens of smaller improvements to make editing tasks quicker and easier

Pricing and availability

LumaFusion v3.1 is a free update for existing customers. The download is available immediately for new customers in the Apple App Store and is priced at $29.99. If you need to export FCPXML files, that’s another $19.99 (via in-app purchase). Also available are Storyblocks subscriptions ($9.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly).

Link: Website | Apple App Store

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