New Irix 150mm T3.0 “Revamped” and Matte Box Announced

During IBC 2022, we had the chance to meet Karol Pietka from Irix to discuss their upcoming 150mm T3.0 non-macro lens and an interesting lightweight matte box prototype that is compatible with the company’s magnetic filters. Let’s learn more about Irix and take a closer look at these new products!

Although Irix has only been manufacturing photographic and cinema glass since 2016, their cine lens lineup is quite extensive already. The family, which currently consists of 6 focal lengths (11/15/21/30/45/150mm Macro), is growing with the introduction of a new 150mm T3.0 non-macro variant.

The mid-range lenses (21/30/45mm) share the same fast aperture of T1.5, while the wider 11 and 15mm models and the 150mm Macro are respectively limited to T4.3, T2.6, and T3.0. Most models support the company’s magnetic front filter system, which also stands at the core of Irix’s upcoming matte box on display at IBC 2022.

Image credit: CineD

Irix 150mm T3.0: standard telephoto lens

By popular demand, the company’s existing 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1 cinema prime is being revisited to provide users with a traditional telephoto lens. According to Karol, the tweaks that are currently being made will preserve the look that Irix customers are already used to.

Image credit: CineD

Modifications include changes to the internal design, as well as a redefined focus gear. The latter needs to be adapted in order to facilitate users when focusing on distant subjects. Irix cinema primes are currently available in 7 mount options (Canon EF and RF, Sony E, ARRI PL, Nikon Z, Leica L, and Micro Four Thirds), and this revisited 150mm will be no exception.

Image credit: CineD

Moreover, the company has announced that an extra focal length will join the family towards the end of the year and will help fill the gap between the 45mm T1.5 and the 150mm T3.0. Additionally, they’re working to introduce a FUJIFILM X mount option next year.

Irix matte box prototype with magnetic filter system

On display at IBC 2022, we could also spot a pre-production sample of the upcoming Irix matte, which should soon hit the shelves. This lightweight accessory, which includes a top flag and is made out of a combination of ABS plastic & carbon fiber, has a rear diameter of 95mm but will come with adapters for different front lens diameters and filter threads.

Image credit: CineD

Its biggest selling point is that it is built around the company’s magnetic filter system, which can also be found on most of their lenses. This provides users with a fast and easy way to swap VND, CPL, and UV filters, without having to screw them to the front of the lens or slide them into a matte box filter slot.

Image credit: CineD

Price and availability

The new Irix 150mm T3.0 is still undergoing the last stages of production but should be ready in fall. It will share the same official retail price as the other lenses in the series, which is currently set at $1,195. On the other hand, there’s no official information about the price of the forthcoming matte box.

For more information, please visit Irix’s website here.

Have you ever shot on Irix cinema primes? What do you think of the work the company’s doing on their cinema lineup? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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