How to Enjoy MZed Pro Education in 130+ Languages

Generally speaking, being proficient in English often grants non-native speakers access to better and more influential sources of information. Still, there are many different reasons why you might find learning a new skill in your mother tongue more convenient, whether it be for speed or comfort. Hence, since language should not be an obstacle to your growth, MZed offers creators worldwide a valuable way to enjoy 300+ hours of online filmmaking education in over 130 languages.

MZed Pro, the CineD-owned online education platform, currently hosts over 40+ video courses held by some of the most world-renowned educators in the industry, with new courses being added consistently. Available lessons span a wide range of filmmaking topics, from writing, producing, and shooting, to editing and color grading.

In order to make them available to a global community of creators, all of our world-class courses are in English. However, we’d like to share a simple trick you can use to benefit from captions in your native speaking language while enjoying our educational content. This smoothens the learning curve, making every chapter more enjoyable to watch and facilitating the process of taking notes in your mother tongue.

The Live Transcript feature

Although users can activate overlaid subtitles in the video player, almost all of our MZed courses offer a much easier way to follow along: live transcription. Indeed, you can find a full-text version of each lesson in the Transcript tab right below the video player, next to the Module Description, Course Description, Notes, Bookmarks, and Resources tabs.

Image source: CineD / MZed

The Transcript function works by highlighting sentences in real-time, as soon as the lecturer pronounces them. Moreover, this tool is interactive, meaning that you can rapidly move to a specific point in the chapter you’re watching by clicking on the words or sentences you’re interested in.

Image source: CineD / MZed

Google Chrome is everything you need

As Google’s translation tool is becoming increasingly accurate over time, you can take advantage of it to display live transcription in a language of your choice. This method preserves the interactive nature of the live Transcript and lets you choose between over 130 languages currently supported by Google Translate.

To start off, you need to log into your MZed Pro account from one of the latest versions of the Google Chrome browser and choose the course/module of interest. Next, bring up the chapter transcription using the dedicated tab below the video player. Once you’re ready, perform right-click on any area of the browser page and select the “Translate to English” option from the context menu.

Image source: CineD / MZed

Once you do that, a tiny Google Translate button will appear on the right-hand side of your browser’s address bar – the area that hosts the URL of the webpage, for instance. Click on it, then open up the Translate Options from the Kebab menu icon (three vertically aligned dots), and select “Choose another language…”.

Image source: CineD / MZed

As the last step, set your mother tongue as the destination language of the translator et voilà! You’re ready to go! Also, note that if you’ve already used this tool to translate other website pages in the past, your preferred language is usually set as default and you can skip most of the aforementioned steps.

Image source: CineD / MZed

What do you get with MZed Pro?

As an MZed Pro member, you also get access to nearly 300 hours of filmmaking education, plus we’re constantly adding more courses (several in production right now).

For just $30/month (billed annually at $349), here’s everything you’ll get:

  • 40+ courses, over 600 high-quality lessons spanning over 300 hours of learning.
  • Highly produced courses from educators who have decades of experience and awards, including a Pulitzer Prize and an Academy Award.
  • Exclusive access to ARRI Academy online courses.
  • Unlimited access to stream all the content during the 12 months.
  • Offline download and viewing with the MZed iOS app.
  • The majority of our courses provide an industry-recognized certificate upon completion.
  • Purchasing the courses outright would cost over $7,600.
  • Course topics include cinematography, directing, lighting, cameras, and lenses, producing, indie filmmaking, writing, editing, color grading, audio, and even how to launch a YouTube channel.
  • 7-day money back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you.

Join MZed Pro now and start watching today!

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Full disclosure: MZed is owned by CineD

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Are you an MZed Pro member? Have you ever used this trick to translate live transcripts into your native language? Let us know how it worked out in the comments below!

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