Hawk-Woods B-Lok Batteries Power System for ARRI Alexa 35

Just like Anton Bauer last week, Hawk-Woods has announced a new line of B-mount batteries and two new chargers. With batteries ranging from 98Wh to a whopping 350Wh, the new Hawk-Woods B-Lok range should be able to handle even the most demanding workloads.

The three new batteries of course all have the same output voltage of 26V, as this is the directive for B-mount batteries according to Bebob’s and ARRI’s definition of the standard.

Read all about B-Mount batteries here. Three models are available: 98Wh (3.8Ah), 150Wh (5.8Ah) and 350Wh (13.5Ah).

To properly and safely charge these new batteries, Hawk-Woods has also released two new chargers, a 2-channel and a 4-channel charger.

Hawk-Woods B-Lok
image credit: Hawk-Woods

Hawk-Woods B-Lok Batteries

Both the 98Wh and 150Wh are flight-safe according to Hawk-Woods. The big boy, however, not so much… the manufacturer’s website only lists a measly N/A for the 350Wh model in the flight safe category. You’ll want to keep that in mind if you plan to fly with these models.

All three models sport one multi-directional D-Tap and one USB-C port for charging/powering external accessories. All three models also provide direct communications with ARRI equipment, allowing you to select time remaining or percentage remaining. Of course, a 4-LED gauge is also available.

Hawk-Woods B-Lok
image credit: Hawk-Woods

As for weight and size, the list goes as follows:

  • BL-98 (98Wh): 770g / 8.4 x 15.4 x 5.3 cm
  • BL-150 (150Wh): 1.15kg / 8.4 x 15.4 x 6.4 cm
  • BL-350 (350Wh): 1.61kg / 8.4 x 15.4 x 7.7 cm

New chargers

Along with Hawk-Woods’ new B-Lok batteries, the company has also introduced two new chargers: the BL-2X2 (2-channel) and the BL-4X4 (4-channel). These simultaneous fast chargers, as the slogan implies, charge 2 (or 4) B-Lok batteries simultaneously in about 4 hours. Both models offer 2.5Ah.

Hawk-Woods B-Lok
image credit: Hawk-Woods

The smaller BL-2X2 is 11 x 18 x 14 cm and weighs 1.38 kg (less than the BL-350 battery!), while the larger BL-4X4 is 22 x 18.5 x 15 cm and tips the scales at 2.2 kg.


The three batteries go for about €422 (BL-98), €525 (BL-150), and €738 for the mighty BL-350. The BL-2X2 charger costs €348, while there doesn’t seem to be a price for the BL-4X4 yet.

Link: Hawk-Woods

What do you think of these? Would these new batteries (and chargers) go well with your existing gear? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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