New Godox UL150II, UL150IIBi Released – 150W LED Spotlights, Fanless Design

Godox has recently released two new fanless 150W COB LED spotlights: the UL150II (daylight) and UL150IIBi (bi-color). They should ensure completely silent operation without interfering with sound recording on set. Both fixtures are available for pre-order now, starting at $499.

Godox has released quite a few fresh lighting products lately. We recently reported about the compact Litemons LC30Bi and the powerful Knowled M600Bi LED spotlights,  and today is the turn of the new UL150II and UL150IIBi.

This new family of products inherits the silent, fanless design of the existing UL150 model while adding an upgraded control box, a bi-color option, DMX control, and built-in lighting effects. Let’s take a closer look.

Godox UL150II and UL150IIBi: silence is golden

The new Godox UL150II and UL150IIBi are respectively a daylight-balanced and a bi-color COB LED spotlight, with a maximum power consumption of 160W. The color temperature of the UL150IIBi model is adjustable between 2,800 and 6,500K.

Source: Godox

Both sources are 100% dimmable and provide users with four different dimming curves (Exponential, Linear, Log, and S-Curve). According to the manufacturer, when the UL150II and UL150IIBi are set to 5,600K, they can output up to 71,700 and 54,700 lux at a distance of 1 meter, using the included reflector. If confirmed, these are very good results. Also, Godox claims the fixtures provide good color rendition, being rated at CRI 96+ and TLCI 97+.

Source: Godox

The biggest selling point of these lights is their fanless design. Indeed, according to Godox, the fixtures ensure completely silent operation, while still featuring an efficient heat dissipation system. This makes them an ideal tool to have in your lighting kit when shooting interviews, for example.

Source: Godox

The addition of built-in lighting effects represents another improvement over the original UL150. Both lights support broken bulbs, flash, lighting, and TV effects, but the bi-color model can also emulate candles, fire, and fireworks. Finally, both lamp heads feature an industry-standard Bowens mount, which allows compatibility with a wide range of light modifiers, including the company’s proprietary FLS8 and FLS10 Fresnel lenses.

Godox UL150II and UL150IIBi: size, power, and control

The UL150II and UL150IIBi consist of a lamp head and a control box, that has received an upgrade since the previous generation. The two light bodies are pretty much identical in size (316.9×217.8x170mm) and weight (3.1kg). The control box comes with a clamp that makes it easy to attach to C-stands.

Source: Godox

The lights can run off 100-240V AC power, but the control box also features a dual battery plate to accommodate V-mount bricks. Using two 14.8V or a single 26V battery still allows to operate the lights at full power, while relying on a single 14.8V battery reduces the output to 50%.

Source: Godox

Like with the original UL150, settings can be adjusted using the onboard controls or wirelessly, via the Godox Light app (iOS/Android) or the optional RC-A6 controller. The Bluetooth range is claimed to be 30m, while 2.4G wireless control ensures a longer operating distance (~60m). Additionally, the UL150II and UL150IIBi now gain DMX capabilities to better integrate with more advanced workflows.

What’s in the box?

  • Lamp head
  • Lamp cover
  • Connecting cable
  • Power cable
  • Pro Reflector RFT-19
  • Controller
  • Controller clamp
  • Fixed rope
Source: Godox

Price and availability

The new Godox UL150II and UL150IIBi are now available to pre-order from B&H. Although the official retail price of the daylight-balanced model is $499, it is currently listed on the website for $439. On the other hand, the bi-color version is a little pricier, retailing for $599.

For more information, please visit Godox’s website here.

How often do you find yourself in a situation where sound recording is critical? What do you think of the new Godox UL150II and UL150IIBi? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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