New Freefly Systems Mōvi Pro SL4 Batteries Introduced

Freefly Systems has just released a whole new power solution for their Mōvi Pro and Mōvi Carbon stabilized systems. Their new SL4 SuperLight batteries offer an improved capacity of 4.1Ah/86.4Wh, USB-C output, and a status display. They retail for $360 per piece.

Although I recently switched to the DJI RS 3 Pro for my lightweight RED KOMODO setup, the Freefly Systems Mōvi Pro has been a fellow companion of mine for over 5 years. While this gimbal has proved to be a reliable tool even in the harshest shooting scenarios, its battery system has always been one of its greatest weaknesses, in my opinion. For a long-lasting life, the original Mōvi Pro batteries require proper care and attention. And oftentimes, they don’t get what they deserve.

Also, they don’t provide any additional power outputs. These are some of the reasons why most professional Mōvi Pro users tend to lean towards Ignite Digi plates with Lemo outputs and DJI TB50 batteries. Now, Freefly Systems is coming up with a fresh power solution built around their new SL4 batteries. Is this enough to stop the TB50 trend? Let’s take a closer look!

Mōvi Pro with SL4 batteries. Source: Freefly Systems

Freefly Systems SL4 Batteries for Mōvi Pro

Unlike the original Mōvi Pro LiPo batteries, the new SL4 models feature lithium-ion cells. According to the company, this should result in a more reliable and safer power solution. SL stands for SuperLight, and each power brick weighs approximately 600g (the TB50s are 515g each).

SL4 batteries. Source: Freefly Systems

These new 4.1Ah/86.4Wh 6s (18-25.2V) packs more than double the capacity of the old generation (1.8Ah/37.9Wh), thus providing longer run times. The Freefly team put them to test with different camera packages. According to their results, a single set of SL4 batteries can continuously power a Mōvi Pro, RED Helium Epic, focus motor, and wireless video system for about 2.25 hours. The camera was set to shoot 8K REDCODE RAW with a 6:1 compression ratio.

SL4 battery and adapter plate. Source: Freefly Systems

These new SL4 batteries also come with a few nice additions, including a USB-C output port and a status display. The former can supply up to 60W of power to external accessories (3A at 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V or 20V) and also serves as a charging port. According to the Freefly team, a full charge can be performed in about 70 minutes using a 100W USB PD charger. On the other hand, the little screen allows users to monitor useful information, such as voltage, power output, and battery’s health.

SL4 batteries. Source: Freefly Systems

R.I.P. Old Mōvi Pro Batteries

Along with introducing the new SL4 batteries, the company has also announced that the old cells will be officially discontinued on December 1st, 2022. Since the original Mōvi Pro batteries are cheaper than the new ones, you still have a little bit of time to secure yourself a few spare cells.

Original Mōvi Pro battery. Source: Freefly Systems

Moreover, the company claims that their existing SL8-Air batteries, which are designed for their Astro aerial platform, will soon be compatible with Mōvi Pro and Mōvi Carbon via a dedicated adapter.

Price and availability

The new Freefly Systems SL4 SuperLight Batteries for Mōvi Pro and Mōvi Carbon are now available to purchase from the manufacturer’s website. The doubled capacity also results in a doubling in price. Indeed, the new cells retail for $360 each, while the original ones are still available to purchase from B&H and CVP for $165/€176.

SL4 adapter plates. Source: Freefly Systems

Finally, the company has also introduced a quick-release adapter to mount the new SuperLight batteries to the original Mōvi Pro power interface, a dedicated battery charger, and a full power kit. Pricing is as follows:

For more information, please visit Freefly Systems’ website here.

What is your go-to solution for powering your Freefly Systems gimbal setup? What do you think of the new SL4 batteries for Mōvi Pro? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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