DZOFILM Cine Lens Bundles on Sale Until August 18th – Save Up to $1,200

Chinese lens manufacturer DZOFILM is currently running a flash bundle sale on several cine lens and accessories packs. These include their Vespid Prime, Pictor Zoom, Catta Zoom, and Catta Ace lenses as well as their Marlin 1.6x Expander. Deals will end on August 18th, 2022.

DZOFILM has launched quite a few new products during the first half of this year. Newly-released lenses include the Catta Ace Zooms for full-frame/large-format cameras and the Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 Cine Zoom for S35 sensors. Moreover, the Vespid Prime series saw the introduction of two fresh focal lengths (21mm T2.1 and 40mm T2.1).

But that’s not it. Indeed, the company also expanded their offering of accessories, by introducing the Catta COIN slot-in filters and, more recently, the Marlin 1.6x Expander. A few days ago, DZOFILM launched a summer flash sale on selected bundles of lenses and accessories. So let’s take a look at these savings!

DZOFILM Vespid 21mm T2.1 and 40mm T2.1 cine primes. Source: DZOFILM

DZOFILM’s lineup of cine lenses

Before we get to the deals, let’s do a quick recap of the different families of both zoom and prime lenses that make up DZOFILM’s ever-growing lineup. Starting from the Super 35 format, we can find the Pictor Zoom series, which includes three T2.8 pieces: a 14-30mm, a 20-55mm, and a 50-125mm.

Pictor 14-30mm
DZOFILM Pictor Zoom series. Source: DZOFILM

Moving on to full-frame lenses, there’s the Vespid Prime set, which now consists of 10 fast focal lengths ranging from the 16mm T2.8 up to the 125mm T2.1. Three of these lenses (35, 50, and 75mm T2.1) also come in a special “Cyber” edition and are designed to seamlessly integrate with the new DJI RS 3 Pro.

DZOFILM Catta Ace series. Source: DZOFILM

Lastly, the company offers two lines of full-frame cine zooms, the DZOFILM Catta and Catta Ace, both of which include a 35-80mm T2.9 and a 70-135mm T2.9. The major difference between the two lines resides in the lens mount. Indeed, while the Catta zooms are designed for mirrorless cameras (E/RF/L/X/Z-mount), the Catta Ace feature interchangeable ARRI PL, LPL, and Canon EF mounts, along with a larger image circle. By the way, in case you missed it, make sure to check out Nino’s review of the Catta Zooms here.

DZOFILM Flash Bundle Sale: ends August 18th

Now, on to the deals! From now until August 18th, you have the chance to put your hands on DZOFILM lenses without weighing too much on your pockets. For example, you can save up to $1,200 when purchasing the full 10-piece Vespid Prime kit, which temporarily retails for $11,999. Or, let’s say you’re interested in the Pictor Zoom 20-55mm T2.8 and the Marlin 1.6x Expander: now you can save up to $689.

DZOFILM Marlin 1.6x Expander. Source: DZOFILM

Saving options are countless and you can check out the image below for a complete list. All these deals should soon be available from official resellers worldwide. For example, the Vespid Prime 10-Lens Kit is already listed on B&H for $11,999 (PL / EF).

Image credit: DZOFILM

For more information, please visit DZOFILM’s website.

Have you been waiting for a chance to put your hands on DZOFILM lenses? Are you going to take advantage of these deals? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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