New Dulens APO Mini Vintage Series – Including T2.4 Soft Look Prime Lens Set

The Dulens APO Mini Vintage Series includes four fast T2.4 prime lenses (31/43/58/85mm), whose design is inspired by vintage glass. Their special coating delivers a soft, dreamy look, with a peculiar rainbow flare. Pricing starts at $999 per piece.

At the beginning of last year, we reported about the APO Mini Lens Prime Set from lens manufacturer Dulens. Only three focal lengths were available at the time, with a 50mm f/2.0 (T2.6) at the forefront.

While this set of lenses had captured our attention for their vintage-inspired look, it seems like the APO Mini Vintage Series Primes underwent a few tweaks since our initial coverage. Also, the company has launched a brand new official website. Let’s take a closer look.

Dulens APO Mini Vintage Series Primes: a soft look

The series currently consists of four focal lengths (31, 43, 58, and 85mm), all sharing the same maximum aperture of T2.4. However, the company has announced that more focal lengths are on their way. The lenses feature an image circle of 46mm, which is enough to cover large-format sensors and come with an interchangeable PL/EF mount system.

Source: Dulens

According to the manufacturer, the APO Mini Vintage Series primes feature a special VC coating that smooths out skin tones and adds halation to the image. This should result in a low-contrast, soft look, that resembles that of vintage glass. Furthermore, the coating creates a rainbow-like flare, that is particularly visible when shooting wide open.

Source: Dulens

Overall, it looks like the Dulens APO Mini Vintage Series prime lenses really have their own strong character. Hence, if you’re after an extremely clean and crisp image, these lenses are probably not your cup of tea.

Source: Dulens

Size, weight, and design

The APO Mini Vintage Series primes feature a lightweight and compact construction, which the company claims to be dust-resistant. Depending on the focal length, weight ranges between 510g/1.1lbs and 550g/1.2lbs. Not much for lenses of this kind.

Source: Dulens

All models in the series share the same unified body, which measures 68mm/2.65” in length, has an outer diameter of 80mm, and can host 72mm threaded filters at the front. The lens barrel features standard MOD focus and iris rings, with focus markings reported in both metric and imperial units.

Source: Dulens

Price and availability

The Dulens APO Mini Vintage Series primes are now available for pre-order from the manufacturer’s website for $999 each. Moreover, the company offers a full 4-piece set for $3,899. Finally, the Dulens EF-mount kit is available to purchase separately for $99.

For more information, please visit Dulens’ website here.

How do you like shooting with vintage cinema lenses? What do you think of the new Dulens APO Mini Vintage Series Primes? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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