Dehancer for FCPX now Available – Beta Testers get a 2-Week License

Dehancer, a rather mighty film simulation plugin, adds support for Final Cut Pro X. Until now, only Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere/After Effects were supported as host applications, but with the new Dehancer for FCPX 1.0 beta, that is about to change. Get your 2-week license and test the software with your projects!

We have already put Dehancer through its paces in our review here. And since we are talking about film emulation, i.e. converting the look and feel of (digitally shot) footage into a more pleasing and cinematic result, we must of course mention the big rival in this field: FilmConvert. You can see articles about it here and here.

FilmConvert is more affordable ($199, check features here), but Dehancer offers more tools, such as gate weave or film breath and finer controls, so more wiggle room for manipulation. Which software is best for you and your projects is, of course, up to you.

Dehancer for FCPX

If you use Final Cut Pro, this might be good news for you, as Dehnacer has just released a new beta version that adds support for this NLE. With this plugin, you can use all Dehancer tools in FCPX.

Dehancer for FCPX
image credit: Dehancer

Since it is still in beta, Dehancer is offering interested users a 2-week trial period to test the new version in their environment. According to Dehancer, four steps must be followed to obtain the trial license:

  1. Register on the Dehancer website
  2. Share the post about beta-testing in your Instagram stories.
  3. Send a screenshot to [email protected]
  4. Dehancer will send you a 2-week trial license during 1 business day.

So you trade a little marketing help for a 2-week license of Dehancer for FCPX. Not too bad at all, I’d say. Although I personally don’t have an Instagram account, so I’m out of luck here, it seems.


Normally, a full Dehancer license costs $399, which allows for two seats. For the OFX version (DaVinci Resolve) Windows, macOS and Linux are supported, while for After Effects / Premiere only Windows is applicable. Individual plugins are available as OFX variants, ranging from $49 (Dehancer Breath) to $199 (Dehancer Lite).

Dehancer FCPX
image credit: Dehancer

Dehancer for FCPX 1.0 beta requires the following hardware / software specs:

  • Apple Mac, Mid-2012 or newer with Metal-enabled GPU
  • Compatible with Apple Silicon (using Rosetta)
  • macOS: 10.15 (Catalina) or higher
  • Apple Motion: 5.5.3 or higher
  • Final Cut Pro: 10.5.4 or higher

Oddly enough, M1 (or M2) chips do not seem to be supported yet, as Dehancer still relies on the Rosetta framework to translate between software compiled for x86 platforms and native Apple Silicon code.

Link: Dehancer Website

What do you think? Is FCPX support something you’ve been waiting for? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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