CAME-TV J5 Portable Telescopic Camera jib

Camera gear maker CAME-TV has introduced the CAME-TV J5, a telescopic jib for gimbals and motorized heads. The extension design makes the jib lightweight, adjustable, and easily portable. Let’s have a look at the system specs, and see which cameras would work best with this rig.

CAME-TV is a Chinese-based, budget film gear company that produces a wide range of equipment for film and video productions. They sell everything from camera cages to car rigs, lights, batteries, camera supports, and a whole lot more.

Back in 2016, the company introduced their CAME Accordion, a scissor-arm camera crane. Now, they are introducing the CAME-TV J5, a camera boom support designed with portability in mind.

CAME-TV J5: telescopic camera jib

The CAME-TV J5 is capable of extending up to 5.6 meters (18.37 feet), and can carry a maximum camera payload of 12.5kg (27.5lbs). It features 5 telescoping sections, compacts down to just 1.48m (4.86 ft), and weighs only 6kg (13.23lbs).

Image Credit: CAME-TV

The J5 can be mounted to a tripod or a C-stand, and can conveniently use a camera gimbal as a motorized head. Its collapsable design makes the whole system highly portable, and straightforward for a single operator to setup.

Image Credit: CAME-TV

Gimbal compatibility

The CAME-TV J5 is designed to work with the DJI RS 2 and the newly-released RS 3 Pro. It offers customizable powering options with the CAME-TV RS series power base. The company also makes a wireless DJI RS controller to remotely control your RS 3 Pro or RS 2.

Image Credit: CAME-TV

However, it can also work with any handheld gimbal using the universal splint clamp. Additionally, it be can rigged to work with any larger gimbal within its max weight capacity. This includes the DJI Ronin 2.

Image Credit: CAME-TV

Telescopic sections and weight limits

The J5 jib is capable of supporting up to 12.5kg (27.5lbs) of camera weight. However, once the jib is extended past 4m (13 ft), the weigh capacity begins to drop.

Image Credit: CAME-TV

At 4.5m, the capacity drops to 10kg, and then all the way down to 5kg at 5.6m. This means operators can expect to be able to support a standard handheld gimbal setup all the way through the J5’s range.

Image Credit: CAME-TV

Price and availability

The CAME-TV J5 is now available for purchase from the manufacturer’s website. It comes in 3 different configurations: Basic, Standard, and Deluxe. The only difference in the configurations is the included accessories.

The Basic configuration sells for $798 and includes the J5 jib, case, rocker cable, and universal splint for securing your gimbal.

The Standard configuration sells for $960, includes everything basic, a lamp holder adapter, lamp holder head, forearm support frame, a V-mount battery dock and power cord.

The Deluxe configuration sells for $1,270, includes everything basic and standard plus a power base for DJI RS gimbals, the DJI RS 2 controller, and a universal monitor mounting bracket.

Image Credit: CAME-TV

For more information, please visit CAME-TV’s website here.

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