New BB&S LightBox Wall Announced – RGBWW Soft Light

New BB&S LightBox Wall Announced – RGBWW Soft Light. At IBC 2022, Danish lighting company BB&S (as in Brother, Brother, and Sons) introduced a new soft light called LightBox Wall. It’s a giant RGBWW LED panel that comes in standard sizes, but you can also order custom sizes.

The new BB&S LightBox Wall is precisely what the name suggests: It’s a giant RGBWW LED light panel with very soft diffusion material in front of it and since you can either hang it or, just like a wall, mount it upright, you’ll get a wall of (very) soft light.

According to BB&S, the LED strips used are of high quality (CRI 97+), and although the diffusion material is proprietary, you do have a choice of materials to best suit your specific needs.

BB&S LightBox Wall

The company does sell these lights in “standard” sizes, but the true idea behind it is that you order the units custom-made and in custom sizes so that they fit exactly in your particular studio.

BB&S LightBox Wall. Image credit: CineD

One element consists of an aluminum frame, the diffuser layer, the RGBWW LEDs themselves, and of course all the electronics in the back of the unit. For easy control, the BB&S LightBox Wall can be controlled remotely via DMX.

As you can see, these units aren’t exactly something a run-and-gun filmmaker would typically use. They’re more intended for broadcast sets like newscasts or other studio-related setups. I don’t think these lights are meant to be schlepped around too much. They’re more meant to build a studio setup with them and then be done with it, or at least keep them inside that very studio and adjust a given set when needed.

BB&S LightBox. image credit: CineD

Since these lights can produce any color you want, they seem quite versatile for such large panels. And it seems that they don’t even consume that much power. As Toby Sali from BB&S puts it:

It’s not about the amount of light, it’s how you use it.

Pricing and availability

There is no word on the price yet, but since you can order the new BB&S LightBox Wall lights in different custom sizes, the price would vary anyway. However, according to BB&S, these lights are not that expensive for what they can do. So let’s wait and see.

Link: BB&S website

What do you think? Would such big and soft lights be useful for your work? Please let us know in the comments below!

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