Autumn High Fashion Ideas 2022 – Brilliant Ideas For The Wardrobe

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‍The changing of the leaves and the crisp, cool air signal that autumn is upon us. This season calls for new, more conservative fashion options. There’s no need to go overboard with over-the-top colors or patterns during this time of year. Instead, opt for neutral colors like tan, camel, olive green, and black with accents of rust orange and yellow. The neutral palette will complement the oak tree reds and oranges of falling leaves while staying appropriate for the cooler weather. Another great feature of autumn high fashion is sweaters; they provide warmth without being too hot! Keep reading to discover how you can incorporate these brilliant ideas into your own wardrobe.

Basics of Autumn High Fashion

There are certain staples of autumn high fashion that you should be aware of before starting your wardrobe overhaul. These include: – Darker Colored Clothing – During the autumn months, darker colors are better suited for most clothing items. This is likely due to the fact that the sun is lower in the sky, which means that it is not as bright. Therefore, darker colors such as navy blue and dark brown will help to block out the sun more than brighter colors such as yellow or orange. – Neutral Tones – Another staple of autumn high fashion is tones that are on the neutral side. This means that you should avoid clothing in bright and neon colors. Instead, opt for browns, grays, or other earthy tones. – Longer Lengths – The autumn months are usually cooler, which means that you should make sure that your clothing items are long enough to cover your legs.

Dark Brown Boots

Autumn high fashion definitely calls for a pair of dark brown boots as an essential item to complete your look. These boots can be worn with just about anything from dress pants to jeans. The dark brown color will help to tie together any autumn outfit, so make sure to add a pair to your wardrobe. If you aren’t sure where to start with selecting the perfect pair of boots, make sure to keep the following tips in mind: Keep your budget in mind – Boots are a great investment because they can be worn year after year. However, you don’t want to break the bank on a pair of boots. Choose the right material – You should select a pair of boots made of a material that will be comfortable and long lasting. It is best to avoid synthetic materials and go with a leather or suede material instead. Buy a pair that fits perfectly – It is important to try on different pairs of boots to make sure that they fit properly. If they are too tight, they will cause your feet to cramp up, and if they are too loose, they may fall off.

Dark Blue Pants

Dark blue pants are another essential item for autumn high fashion. In fact, dark blue pants are appropriate for any season, making them a great addition to your wardrobe. They can easily be paired with a variety of tops and outerwear items for an endless list of combinations. Dark blue pants are a great alternative to black pants, which can sometimes be too formal for casual situations. When selecting a pair of dark blue pants, it is important to keep a few things in mind. You should select pants made of a comfortable material, such as cotton or linen. You should also make sure that they fit well and are the appropriate length.

Dark Camel Coat

Autumn high fashion calls for a dark camel coat to be added to your wardrobe. This long coat can be worn with just about anything, making it a great piece to keep in your closet. A camel coat can be worn to work, out on a date, or even out and about running errands on a weekend. When selecting a coat, you should choose one that is made of a warm and heavy material, such as wool. You also want to make sure that the coat is the appropriate length. It shouldn’t be too short, but it also shouldn’t be too long either. A great way to make your coat stand out in the crowd is to pair it with a bold scarf. You can use the scarf to tie your coat and other pieces of your outfit together.

Neutral Tights and Shoes

Tights are another great option for autumn high fashion. You can wear them under your jeans or work pants to keep your legs warm without having to wear long pants. When selecting tights, you want to make sure that they are a neutral color, such as black or beige. You should also choose tights that are not too thin or too thick. When it comes to shoes, you want to select a pair that is neutral in color. You can choose to wear neutral colored shoes with dark colored pants or tights for an easy and professional look.

Neutral Wrapped Coats

Coats are a must have item during the autumn months. You will most likely need them to keep warm, so it is important to select a neutral wrapped coat, such as a trench coat. A neutral wrapped coat can easily be paired with a wide variety of outfits. When choosing a coat, you should select one that is long enough to fully cover your legs. If you choose a knee length coat, you will likely need to roll up the sleeves and hem of the coat to keep warm. Another great feature of a neutral wrapped coat is that you can add accessories to it, such as a scarf or a belt. This will allow you to change up your coat while still keeping it neutral in color.


Autumn high fashion is all about wearing clothing items that are on the neutral side. You should avoid bright and neon colors and instead opt for browns, grays, or other earthy tones. You should also make sure to select clothing items that have a longer length. During the autumn months, it is important to wear darker clothing items, such as dark blue pants, dark brown boots, and a dark camel coat. These items will help to keep you warm during the cooler weather. You also want to make sure that your clothing items are neutral in color, such as tights and shoes. Neutral colors will help to tie together your autumn high fashion wardrobe.

Graeme Stanford, 13th September 2022

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