Atomos CONNECT Range Now Supports Advanced NDI Workflows

Atomos has just announced that the entire CONNECT family of devices now supports advanced NDI (Network Device Interface) workflows that allow video and audio sources to be shared bidirectionally over a network – LAN or wide area network.

While SDI (Serial Digital Interface) requires complex (and therefore costly) cabling within studios, NDI® uses existing LAN (Local Area Network) infrastructure to create a network of connected devices that can exchange both video and audio streams with high quality and low latency.

Atomos is now integrating NDI across its CONNECT product line (read more about it here) to act as an instantly discoverable source for other NDI-enabled applications and devices connected to a standard LAN.

Atomos CONNECT – NDI workflows

To kick things off, Atomos is integrating a technology called NDI|HX into their ZATO CONNECT streaming monitor (article here), Atomos CONNECT and SHOGUN CONNECT. With this protocol, you can stream video and audio directly to the device using the existing LAN. For more information, please refer to this NDI page.

Atomos CONNECT accessory for NINJA V / V+. Image credit: Atomos

Tarif Sayed, NDI President, states:

With software-driven IP workflows mission-critical for video production, teams need to have secure, low latency technology to streamline and transform productions. NDI provides that guarantee in a simple to adopt way. The NDI integration for ATOMOS products will enable limitless connection opportunities for ATOMOS users

Initial NDI support for encoding will be available in Q3, with an update in Q4 2022 for decoding. This update will enable sharing images and content between multiple devices locally and select a specific device (or devices) to record the incoming signal.

NDI workflow. Image credit: NDI

With the latest NDI|HX3, encoding is visually lossless, even in bandwidth constrained environments, so you can use the CONNECT products to share video between team members and record content on different devices.

According to Atomos, full NDI|HX support will be available as a paid activation. A fixed price of $99 will apply across ZATO CONNECT, ATOMOS CONNECT, NINJA V / NINJA V+ and SHOGUN CONNECT devices.

Trevor Elbourne, Atomos CEO, on the matter:

The addition of NDI has been on the internal roadmap for some time. Because NDI provides such a well-known, trusted, and powerful IP-video workflow, we can offer more versatility to our customers and increase the value of their investment in ATOMOS technology.

Link: Atomos | NDI

What do you think? Would an NDI-enabled workflow be something you’d be interested in? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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