Accsoon CineView SE, New Wireless Video Transmission

Accsoon’s CineView SE is a new wireless video transmission system with both SDI and HDMI connectivity for up to 1080p60 image over up to 1200ft with 50ms latency and a stable connection thanks to dual-band. Every TX unit can stream to a maximum of five devices. The system costs $649.

The Chinese company Accsoon first made headlines back in 2019, when they introduced a very affordable HDMI wireless video transmitter called CineEye at the NAB Show – make sure to check out our article and video about the original Accsoon CineEye. Since then, Accsoon launched many new products in the field of wireless video that further improved the connectivity, range, and latency such as the CineEye 2S Pro or the CineView Quad.

Today, the company launches another new HDMI and SDI wireless video transmission system – the Accsoon CineView SE. Simply put, it is the CineView HE system with the added SDI connectivity. Let’s take a look at the details.

Accsoon CineView SE

The new CineView SE system consists of both the transmitter (TX) unit and the receiver (RX) unit. They each have four removable antennas and a range of 1,200ft using Accsoon’s Dual-Band wireless technology. This transmits the same image at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies at the same time. The receiver then intelligently identifies interferences, as it combines both signals together as needed into one complete stream. Accsoon claims that this technology is significantly more stable than wireless systems that simply switch between frequencies. The stream latency stays under 50ms, according to Accsoon.

CineView SE wireless video transmission system. Source: Accsoon

In terms of connectivity, the TX has both SDI and HDMI inputs, while the receiver has SDI and HDMI outputs, capable of up to 1080p 60fps image transfer. The TX also accepts SDI level A and B signals used in older professional cameras.

The CineView SE system is fairly compact with both the transmitter and receiver weighing in at 210g each while measuring 105 x 66 x 32mm (excluding antennas). This is smaller than the CineEye 2S Pro, for instance. The SE also does not have any active cooling.

CineView SE wireless video transmission system. Source: Accsoon

Just like other CineView models, the CineView SE transmitter (on top of one RX unit) can be used with up to four other receiving devices – either CineView RX units (maximum total of 4), iOS or Android devices running the Accsoon Go app, or any combination of those two kinds of devices.

CineView SE can stream to multiple devices. Source: Accsoon

Accsoon Go iOS and Android app updated

Talking about the Accsoon Go app, it offers a wide range of monitoring and recording features and has now been updated with some new tools. As with the previous version of Accsoon Go, the app can record HD video transmitted from the CineView SE to your smart device for instant review and social media sharing, plus stream it using RTMP to popular video sharing sites.

New feature in the Accsoon Go app. Source: Accsoon

The new tools include Smart Sharpening for more accurate focusing, Onion Skin Overlay for precise repetition of shots, and improved LUT loading and recording. These add to the existing features, such as Focus Peaking, Histogram, and False Color. There is also a new ability to Multitask with the Go App on Split View when using a suitable iPad.

New feature in the Accsoon Go app. Source: Accsoon

Power efficiency

As Accsoon further states, the CineView SE has a low power consumption and can operate for up to 12 hours on a single NP-F970 battery. Additionally, it can be powered via the DC input port (7.4V~16.8V) as well as a USB-C power source (5V). The unit can remain powered on while switching between these sources, allowing for continuous operation on long shoots.

Price and availability

Accsoon’s CineView SE can be pre-ordered now and will be shipping in August. The price has been set to $649 (plus local taxes). For users wishing to use the CineView SE solely with iOS and Android devices, the TX unit will also be available to purchase as a standalone, without the RX. The price for the standalone TX unit has not been announced yet.

Do you have experience working with Accsoon wireless video transmitters? What do you think about the new CineView SE? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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