1MORE launches New SonoFlow Bluetooth ANC Over-ear headphone

1MORE launches the SonoFlow Bluetooth ANC Over-ear headphone. Key features include up to 70-hours of playtime with a 5-min/5-hour Fast Charge. 1MORE’s SonoFlow is the new mid-priced ANC Over-ear headphone king on the block.

SonoFlow Bluetooth ANC Over-ear headphone

The SonoFlow is 1MORE’s first Bluetooth Over-ear headphone. The company is looking to capitalise on the demand for more affordable but technical adept ANC Over-ear headphones. This is where the SonoFlow can flourish thanks to the inclusion of High-Resolution Wireless Audio. Other features include LDAC,  which can transmit three times more data than conventional Bluetooth audio. Additionally, there’s the class-leading ultra-long playtime of 70-hours offered by the SonoFlow. It also has the ability to fast charge the headphones in 5-minutes to gain 5-hours of continuous playback. All whilst offering a plethora of other standout features including 1MORE’s trademark QuietMax™ Intelligent Noise Cancellation, with 5 ENC microphones for calls. Multi-Point Connectivity, as well as 12 studio-grade EQ pre-sets to personalise sound.

SonoFlow Bluetooth ANC Over ear headphone

The SonoFlow’s sound is attributed to 1MORE’s use of a large 40mm dynamic driver that features both a diamond-like carbon composite diaphragm and a soft but thin polyethylene terephthalate film. This helps to reduce the distortion caused by the powerful driver at lower frequencies. This combined enables the 1MORE SonoFlow to produce some robust bass with warm mids and crisp highs all whilst covering an ultra-wide frequency response range reaching up to 40kHz. This allows the wearer to enjoy HD music on-the-go, backed by the headphone’s inclusion of High-Resolution Audio and High-Resolution Audio Wireless certifications, bringing the best digital music experience possible

The 1MORE SonoFlow adopts the latest & fastest LDAC codec that can transmit approximately three times more audio data than conventional Bluetooth audio codecs such as SBC. In addition, the SonoFlow is precisely tuned by 1MORE’s in-house 4-time Grammy Award-Winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi allowing users to hear all the rich details of the music giving an authentic true-to-life listening experience just as intended by the artist. Coupled with 12 studio-grade EQ presents, the SonoFlow is able to cover a wide range of music genres from rock to pop to hip-hop.

Remarkable sound is nothing without the means to enjoy it in full tranquillity. The SonoFlow takes advantage of 1MORE’s patented QuietMax™ Active Noise Cancelling Technology permitting the wearer to hear every note, the subtle details, the nuance and impressive dynamics from the exciting world of high-resolution music offered by the SonoFlow. Together with an impressive 70-hour battery life without ANC and 50-hours with 1MORE’s QuietMax suite enabled, the SonoFlow provides endless tranquillity for on-the-go convenience.

The SonoFlow is designed with comfort in mind thanks to the addition of soft, skin-friendly leather earcups that hug the ears perfectly. All this allows the wearer to be immersed into their favourite music without any issue knowing that the power will never run out during a long-haul return flight, whilst also knowing 1MORE’s smart ANC chipset and its unique acoustic design will generate an opposite signal to cancel out the surrounding aeroplane engine noise around them, ensuring nothing distracts from the music. Should the need arise, the SonoFlow offers an astonishing 5-minute Fast Charge feature granting the wearer 5-hours of additional playtime during those rushed moments in life.

SonoFlow Bluetooth ANC Over ear headphone

It’s 1MORE’s same intelligent QuietMax™ noise cancellation suite that helps to provide yet more useful real-world saving graces with the inclusion of a Transparency Mode, that at a flick of a switch delivers more sound into the earcups to hear more, keeping the ears open and reconnected to the outside world. This gives the wearer getting off that earlier return flight onto that train home the reassurance of hearing all the platform announcements without concern.
Making calls couldn’t be simpler with 1MORE’s AI algorithm and no less than 5 ENC microphones that help the SonoFlow to precisely extract voices and amplify it to the user on the other line all while suppressing the ambient noise surrounding the wearer even on a windy day. Weighing in at just 250g the SonoFlow light-weight headphone is a pleasure to wear during long listening sessions making it especially important with its ultra-long battery life or when used wired as the SonoFlow comes with a 3.5mm cable to allow the user to stay connected to any device. Once finished with, the SonoFlow features a foldable design and comes with a compact carrying case for easy travel and storage.

The 1MORE Sonoflow over ear headphones are available at £89.99/$99.99 with a launch discount bringing the headphones down further to just £69.99/$79.99 on Amazon UK and Amazon.com for the first month using coupons and the code ‘SONOFLOW20’ redeemable on the 1MORE USA website

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